Tassia Joseph

Founder, Wellnami

Wellnami Founder Tassia Joseph

Hi! My name is Tassia Joseph, and I’m the founder of Wellnami. I’m a recovering food addict, yo-yo dieter, and compulsive overeater. I’m also a busy mom of two boys, married for over 18 years, and have two pet bunnies.

I did most of the work toward recovery on my own. There’s a lack of resources and treatment options available in Rhode Island for people like me suffering from food addiction and binge eating disorder.

I decided to become my own guinea pig and figured out how to overcome my issues with food. From my years of experimentation, I would like to share my findings with others and offer the support and guidance that I wish I had access to.

My academic background comes from a combination of self-taught education and research in behavioral psychology, nutrition, and addiction studies, and formal education in multiple mind, body, and wellness fields of study.

Education & credentials:

  • Life Strategies Coach
  • Certified Mind Body Fitness Coach
  • Certified Advanced Hypnotist
  • Certified Group Life Coach
  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner
  • Personal Fitness Trainer (pending certification)
  • Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist

I’m on a mission to help as many people gain control over their unwanted food behaviors including food addiction and compulsive overeating while maintaining optimal well-being.

Wellnami Founder Tassia Joseph